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Blender has proven over the years that it is a very good software for creating short films as we have seen it done several times through the Blender open mov.

So to make 3D animated movies in Blender, we can easily describe this phase as a crucial one. This is where your model sheet will be useful as it becomes easier to transform your character to 3D since you have already drawn all the angles. You have to note that a 3D model of your character itself is static.

This movie was made using Blender, the open source software for all 3D models, animation, lighting, and render process, under Linux operating system. Since then, Plumiferos is the first feature film to be 100% wholly animated in the 3D package among all the other Blender movies. You can go here to catch the film Plumiferos. 8.

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This fantasy short film from 2010 pushed the Blender 2.5 project forward. Big Buck Bunny 2008 With millions of views all around the world, this 2008 film has become an open source legend. Elephants Dream 2006 Released in 2006, this is widely known as the first open movie ever. Elephants Dream has put Blender on the radar for many pros.

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The Missing Scarf has been shortlisted for the Best Animated Short Film for the Academy Awards in 2014 and it shows that The Missing Scarf deserves to be in our list of best Blender movies! This short film’s narration is made by George Takei who does a great job for this amazingly fun but thought-provoking movie.

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This animated short is made using Blender’s 3D tools and gives a unique graphics style film that focuses more on narration as if you are watching a storybook getting told in front of you. Because of how uniquely amazing The Missing Scarf is, it was actually shortlisted for the Best Animated Short Film for the Academy Awards back in 2014.

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Various short films have been made with Blender. Read on for the top 10 Blender movies worth watching, all of which are free! Printables Basics Buyer’s Guides Reviews Deals

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Hey Everybody!Let’s make an animated short together! I get to work and you get to watch and suggest stuff 😀

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Today blender is used in many mega media projects! You will be excited to note some amazing animation movies that have used the open source 3d modeling tool Blender. SpiderMan-2 (2004) SpiderMan-2 was the first professional project that utilized Blender. Blender, in Spiderman 2 was mainly used to create animatics pre-visualizations for the .

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