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We can center the 3D cursor to the world as we just discussed using Shift+C. But if you want to center the 3D cursor to something else, such as an object or selection follow these steps. First, make a selection in object or edit mode; Press Shift+S; Choose Cursor to selection. This will bring the 3D cursor to the median point of the selection.

With the cursor tool enabled, using LMB in the 3D Viewport will place the 3D cursor directly under your mouse pointer. The view space is used to control the rotation of the 3D Cursor. For accuracy you should use two perpendicular orthogonal 3D Viewports, i.e. any combination of top Numpad7, front Numpad1 and side Numpad3. That way you can control the positioning along two axes in one view and determine depth in the second view.

Bring up your snap menu with Shift + S. Hover your mouse over ‘ cursor to selected ‘, and then click on it with the RMB . You will see an option to either add or change the keyboard shortcut. Hover your mouse over the box that appears, (it should tell you to press a key), and then press the desired shortcut one key at a time while still holding them down to create your new shortcut.

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To move the 3D cursor in Blender, hold the Shift button and press the right mouse button (RMB) anywhere on the screen to place the 3D cursor. Move the cursor: SHIFT+RMB After doing this, the 3D cursor will try and place itself where it thinks is most appropriate.

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The 3d cursor is really quite useful so hopefully this is helpfu. For the first official quick tip I will be showing you how to move the 3d cursor in blender.

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Click on the ‘ Cursor ‘ button on the left-hand toolbar. Left Click anywhere on the workspace to make the 3D cursor. Press the ‘ SHIFT+S ‘ keys on the keyboard to reveal a quick menu. Now, If you want to reset the cursor to the nearest grid point, click on the ‘ Cursor to Grid ‘ option.

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When I select an object in object mode, I want the cursor to go to its center point automatically. Right now, to achieve this, I need to select the object, go to edit mode, shift+S and do “cursor to selected” like this but surely there must be an easier way? If I do “cursor to selected” in object mode, it puts the cursor somewhere else.

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The first method is to center your cursor and view all, which can be done by either going to the few menu located in the 3D viewports header bar, hovering your cursor over the Align View option and then choosing the centre cursor and view all options from this sub menu.

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